Ideas for 21st Birthday Games

Updated April 17, 2017

There are certain birthdays that are just looked forward to and celebrated more than others. Turning 21 is one of the most celebrated birthdays by young people because its the age that they can legally drink alcohol. To celebrate that fact, there are plenty of enjoyable drinking game ideas to play for a 21st birthday.

Beer Pong

A classic game to play where alcohol and beer is the central focus of the party is beer pong. This game is extremely popular among college students and is a fun game to incorporate into a 21st birthday party. To play, partygoers split up into teams of two. The game is played on a table-tennis table or another table that is similar in size. Two teams play against each other at one time. One team stands at one end of the table and the other team at the other end of the table. Each team has six plastic cups in front of it in a pyramid shape (three cups at the base, then two, then one) that are about a quarter of the way full of beer. Teams take turns shooting plastic balls into the opposing teams' cups. If they make a shot, the other team has to drink that cup of beer. The first team to make all the shots wins the game and gets to stay on the table to face another opponent.

Git'er Done

Divide the guests at the party into two teams. Two people at the party will not be on teams, they will be the judges for the game. Each team will appoint a team leader who will do the speaking for their team. The team leader will draw a random task out of a hat. These tasks will be completely bizarre and made up beforehand. They can be anything. The team then has to perform the task, and the team leader will yell out "Git'er Done Sir!" At this point, the judges come around to see if the task was done successfully or if it will be declared a forfeit. If the team successfully completes the task, they hand out drinks to the other team, but if they lose/forfeit the task, then that team has to drink. As the game goes on and teams become more tipsy, it can get very funny and very interesting.

Fuzzy Duck

This game has simple rules but can get challenging. Players sit in a circle; the game starts when one person says "fuzzy duck" and the game takes off by going clockwise in the circle. Everyone else has to keep saying "fuzzy duck" until someone randomly decides to say "does he?", at which point the game turns back to go counterclockwise and everyone has to say "ducky fuzz". There can be no two "does he?" responses in a row. If a person is too slow to answer or gets it wrong, then that person has to drink. The game can get even more challenging and entertaining if you speed up the pace.

Chair Dash

This game is a more grown-up version of "musical chairs" that also includes alcohol, perfect for the 21st birthday party. To play, there are chairs set up in a room; there should be the same number of chairs as players to start with. Each round, the game leader shouts out a random object and the players must dash off to find the object and bring it back. While the players are off, the game leader must remove a chair. The last person back doesn't get a chair and is, therefore, eliminated. The losing person must then take a drink. This process is repeated until there is only one chair and one winner. This can be done with or without alcohol, and is fun either way.

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