Cheats for 'Bartender: The Right Mix' Game

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The online flash-based game "Bartender: The Right Mix" has proved popular with players of all ages since its release in 2007. On loading the game you will see a simple bar layout with numerous bottles. Hovering your mouse pointer over each bottle label shows you the name of the contents. The bar tender, Manuel, is on hand to taste your creations and give his verdict. While there are no coded cheats, there are some tips for making Manuel react in amusing ways.

Making Manuel breathe fire

The easiest way to make Manuel the bartender breathe fire is to have him take the cocktail shaker and add ice. Continue adding ice until the glass indicator on the bottom right of the screen shows the glass is full. Shake the cocktail shaker a few times and then serve the drink. When Manuel the bartender pours the drink, it looks like a normal cocktail, although it contains only ice. He breathes fire and his eyes roll when he drinks.

Manuel rock god

If you make a "Rockin' Cosmopolitan," Manuel will play air guitar. Take the cocktail shaker and ask Manuel to add vodka to over the halfway point. Then take the lime juice and top the shaker up to just below the full point. Add a little ice and ask Manuel to give the shaker a short to moderate shake. When served, Manuel will taste it and disappear below the bar for a second before playing air guitar to a rock riff.

Boring party Manuel

You can produce a cocktail that sounds delicious, but does not impress Manuel. Take your cocktail shaker and have Manuel add a little ice. Follow that with almost half a glass of tequila, a quarter glass of Cointreau and fill to the top with lime juice. Give it a quick shake and let Manuel taste it. He should blow a party whistle and roll his eyes. His verdict will be: "It's like a very boring party in my mouth."

Squashed Manuel

Most cocktails prepared in this game will gain you points, but one cocktail nets you minus points, with amusing results. Ask Manuel to add lemons to the shaker, and then add more lemons until the glass indicator shows full. Shake the lemons vigorously, and then add a lemon garnish. Serve the drink to Manuel and after he has tasted it, he will pull a green cord and a 16-ton weight will fall on his head. The advice reads: "A nice finishing touch might be a lemon garnish applied after shaking, as opposed to a 16-ton weight applied after drinking."

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