Anti-smoking activities for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

The surgeon general warns that smoking is harmful to the person smoking the cigarette, and even infrequent smoking and second-hand smoke are harmful to internal organs. The warning includes serious illness or death as a side effect of smoking. Begin teaching children about the dangers of smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke in elementary school. Students create projects that show the damaging effects of smoking while participating in drug awareness activities.

Smoking Kills

Have a class poster contest for creating the best poster against smoking. Tell the students the title for the poster is "Smoking Kills," and instruct them to make their posters bright and colourful with large, eye-catching lettering. Give students plenty of time to make the posters, and supply markers, coloured pencils and crayons for adding colours. Let the students vote for the best poster and display the posters all around the school.

Healthy Lungs Versus Cancer Lung

Let students research the effects of smoking on the lungs. Have students draw a picture of a set of healthy lungs, and another picture of a set of lungs after years of smoking. Students place a piece of poster board in front of themselves so one of the long sides is directly across from them. Each student draws a vertical line down the centre of the poster board. Have them paste their healthy lung pictures on the left, the unhealthy lung drawings on the right. Students then write a paper about each type of lung and display the posters. Remind students that lungs rejuvenate, so some damage from smoking is repairable.

Smoking Effects Others

Give students an assignment to draw a picture of a person smoking in the centre of a 12-by-18-inch sheet, then surround that picture with drawings of how people around the smoker feel about the smoke. Assign students a location for the smoker in their drawing, such as a restaurant, baseball game, park, carnival, store or the beach. Students also should add a caption on the picture. Put the drawings up during drug awareness week and let everyone see how smoking affects others.

Smoking Isn't Cool, It Kills You

Have students make a poster about the truth behind smoking. The students title their posters "Smoking Isn't Cool, It Kills You," and draw what they think goes with the title. Have students make a list of questions about smoking for their parents. This poster activity not only gets the students involved in antismoking activities, but it also involves the parents. Let the students discuss the results of their questionnaires with the class, along with how they feel about smoking.

How Much Can You Save?

Teach antismoking math. Give each student a budget of £455. Tell the students that £455 is what an average person spends on cigarettes each year and ask them to make a list of what a person might buy with the money instead of cigarettes. Give the students a list of different items with prices. Include items like video games, pizzas, movies and other items and activities your students like. Have each student figure out how he would use the £455.

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