Birthday Gifts for a 22-Year-Old Girlfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Select a thoughtful and romantic gift for your girlfriend that will put you in her good books for the long haul. The right gift will show her how much you care, while a hasty purchase might put you in the doghouse for good. Whether you select a romantic gift or one that is practical, your gift should be a success as long as it is thoughtfully selected just for her.

The Gift of Music

Buy your girlfriend an MP3 player for her 22nd birthday and stock it full of her favourite music. The player doesn't have to be fancy or expensive for this gift to be meaningful. Create a play list of songs that are meaningful to you as a couple, including songs that commemorate special moments or songs that make you think of her. You can also provide her with a gift card for music downloads so that she can order some more music to upload to the player.

Perfect Scents

Does your girlfriend have a favourite perfume or scent? If you aren't sure, check in with her best friend or mother to get the goods. If you still aren't able to find her favourite, visit your local department store's perfume counter to find out what is the hottest new fragrance. Have the perfume gift wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

The Studious Gift

If your girlfriend is still in college, she may appreciate a birthday gift that assists her with her studies. You can pick up gift tokens for her university bookstore or purchase an e-reader for her, providing a gift token for downloads. If she likes to read for pleasure, buy a gift card for a big-box bookstore or an online store. Put together a basket of thoughtfully selected accessories such as a colourful day planner, funky pens, book covers and bookmarks.

Romantic Birthday Gift

Carefully select items that your girlfriend appreciates when she needs to unwind. Select her favourite scented candles, a luxurious throw blanket, a bottle of her favourite wine and her favourite chocolates. If your girlfriend likes lingerie, select a tasteful item for her from her favourite lingerie store. Put the items together in a gift box or basket and wrap. Finish with a satin ribbon and carefully selected card.

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