Shoes for Women Whose Feet Swell

Updated April 17, 2017

Shoe shopping is frustrating when you have medical issues that cause swelling. If you suffer from swelling or oedema in your feet, both caused by an accumulation of fluid beneath the skin, comfortable shoes are difficult to find. Sitting or standing for long periods of time might cause your feet to swell. This is why it is important to stretch and move around during long car rides or aeroplane flights. If your feet tend to swell, you should wear loose fitting trousers and supportive socks or stockings. Women whose feet swell on a regular basis have a variety of shoe options.

Adjustable Shoes

Foot swelling is unpredictable. Your shoes might be comfortable one day and too tight the next. This makes adjustable shoes an ideal solution because you can change the width. If you purchase shoes small enough to fit your feet when swelling is not a problem, they will be too tight when you experience swelling. Shoes fitted to your swollen feet will be too large and cause blisters and discomfort when swelling decreases. Having the ability to tighten and loosen your shoes with adjustable straps helps you alter the size of the shoe from day to day. New Balance, OrthoFeet and Aetrex all make adjustable shoe styles. However, many people find non-designer Velcro sneakers less expensive and just as easy to wear as name-brand adjustable shoes.

Stretchable Shoes

Stretchable shoes are an ideal solution for mild foot swelling. They also work well when your feet are different sizes on different days. The upper portion of the shoe is made of an elastic material that stretches to fit your foot. Regular shoes initially have little give. Over time they stretch, sometimes so much that your shoes are too big. The elastic in stretchable shoes remains taught, even after the shoes have been worn several times. However, you can wear the shoes even if your feet are occasionally large from swelling. Propet, Drew Rose and Comfort Rite all have stretchable shoes in their collection.

Extra-Wide Shoes

Extra-wide shoes are ideal for those who experience swelling on a regular basis. When your feet swell, they rarely grow in length. However, if you continue to wear your usual size of shoes, it will squeeze around the arch and instep. Wide shoes alleviate the squeezing, but allow you to wear shoes of the correct length. Ziera, Spira and Aetrex brands all make extra-wide styles of shoes.

Swelling in One Foot

It is common for people to have two different size feet, but when swelling in one foot causes a severe difference, two different size shoes are needed. Custom shoes can be made in two different sizes. They are very expensive, though, so you may be limited to only one or two pair. You can also participate in a shoe exchange, enabling you to create a pair of unmatched shoe sizes. A shoe exchange helps you build an extensive shoe wardrobe. Shoe exchanges include the National Odd Shoe Exchange and the Odd Shoe Finder.

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