The Best Wedding Colors That Go With Navy Blue

Updated February 21, 2017

Monolo Brides says that navy blue is more elegant than light Tiffany and baby blue shades. The colour is adaptable. It can be especially effective when paired with a contrasting shade, such as silver or yellow. These navy blue combinations work well for military brides who want to have a literally navy wedding. For a more natural approach, light blues and purples give navy a fresh, outdoor look.


Navy blue and silver make an elegant wedding combination. This colour palette is meant to be sophisticated and uptown, either with an urban contemporary or traditional feel. Bring fancy prep style to the beach with this chic colour combination. Add the traditional wedding white with ease to a navy and silver palette. Paisley patterns deepen the texture of these colours. Pinks or yellows are other colours that combine well with navy blue and silver.

Blue Palette

Take some inspiration from blue hydrangeas, hyacinths and orchids. These elegant wedding flowers depict a rich colour palette of navy blue, sky blue and everything in between. For a more natural feel than navy blue with silver, yellow or white, use the fading colours of these petals to inspire a soft blue colour scheme. Your wedding will look and feel like a garden. Since navy is your major colour, it will anchor the lighter hues and provide a rich backdrop for all the other shades of blue.


Navy blue is a deep, cold colour that inspires elegance. Warm it up with the addition of purple. According to Wedding Flowers, blue and purple is an unconventional, flirty and sensual combination. Dial in your style by finding the subtleties in different shades of purple that speak to you. Lilac is a light pastel colour that will infuse a feeling of springtime in a navy wedding. Plum, on the other hand, keeps the mood contemporary, chic and modern.


Although it may seem an odd combination at first, navy blue dazzles when paired with a bright sunflower or canary yellow. This is a perfect colour theme for a backyard, garden or beach summer wedding. Yellow parasols; slices of lemon in tall, frosty glasses; and bright yellow roses, blue hyacinth and sunflower bouquets come to mind when putting together a navy blue and yellow inspiration board. According to Style Me Pretty, this "little gem" of a colour combination has been a huge hit both now and in the past.

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