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Updated February 21, 2017

A scavenger hunt is a type of game which is played at parties, in schools, at children or adult's events or even just around the house as a fun activity. Scavenger hunts differ from treasure hunts because it does not provide clues to the treasures, but rather has the player look for types of items. Children and adults alike can enjoy looking for "treasures." There are several types of scavenger hunts and prizes available, depending on the age group and the purpose of the hunt. For example, a nature scavenger hunt is a good option for school lessons on plants or a child's birthday party in the park.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is an outdoor scavenger hunt. Children or adults look for items found in a specific location or area such as a nearby park, a yard or even a forest. The items on the list given to each individual or team include objects like "maple leaf" or "small twig" or even items like "blue flower." In the case of a child's scavenger hunt, items are described by looks or broken down by colour. For adults, items can include specifics like a specific type of flower, berries, leaves or plants. The key is that all of the items on the list are related to the area and are found in nature.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

For the group of shoppers going to the mall, a mall scavenger can make the trip more exciting. Players are broken up into teams of two or more and must hunt the mall for specific items. If the mall allows taking pictures, a mall scavenger hunt might include looking for items in one specific colour, such as pink or green, and the players walk around the mall taking pictures of the different items in the one colour. Alternatively, players might have directions to look for weird, wild or crazy looking items for sale and take pictures of the items. If the mall does not allow pictures, players can collect "free" items around the mall. Free items might include credit cards or store club cards, hangers given with purchases, any item a store is handing out like advertisement papers or samples of food items.

Holiday Hunts

Holiday scavenger hunts are the type of hunts which relate directly to a holiday. For example, during Halloween children or teens might look for specific items relating to Halloween like a small pumpkin, a picture of a black cat, witches hats or Halloween candies. During Easter, the hunt is for eggs, chocolate bunnies, various candies, Easter toys and items relating to Easter themes like a carrot for the Easter bunny. Valentine's Day can incorporate hearts, the colours red and pink, Valentine cards or candies and little stuffed animals complete with Valentine's message.


Prizes will vary depending on the hunt. For example, a hunt relating to finding candies or small toys will allow the teams to take the items found on the hunt. In the case of a children's hunt, prizes might include stuffed animals, toys like cars or trains or candies. For a children's nature scavenger hunt, children might receive educational videos on animals or nature. For teens, older children or adults, prizes might include money or gift cards, movies, items from the mall or even a trophy.

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