How to Play UNO Junior

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Uno Junior is a simplified version of the Mattel card game aimed at younger children. Some cards in the original Uno game may be too confusing for 3- or 4-year-olds, so cards like "Draw 4" have been removed from Uno Junior. The number cards have also been replaced with cartoon animals in Uno Junior. Colours are still a fundamental part of the game, as players can match cards by either colour or animal. The object of the game, as with the original, is to be the first player to get rid of your cards.

Deal five cards to each player. These cards should be kept concealed, so you may have to remind your children to cover up. The youngest child starts the game.

Place the remaining cards face down in the centre of the table in arm's reach of every player: this is the draw pile. Flip the top card and place it next to the draw pile; this is the first card in the discard pile.

Match the card on the top of the discard pile with one of the cards in your hand either by colour or by animal. For example, if the top card in the discard pile is a lion and the card is blue, you can play either a blue card with any animal on it or a lion card of any colour. Each player plays only one card per turn. Advance to the next player if you have played a card.

Draw a card from the draw pile if you cannot play a card. Play your new card if possible; if not, make a sad face and pass your turn to the next player.

Play a wild card if you cannot play a regular card. A wild card does not have an animal on it, but instead has all four colours. Wild cards can be played on any colour and on any animal. Choose a colour after playing a wild card; the next player must play a card of that colour or draw.

Play the"+1" or "+2" card to make the next player pick up one or two cards. Play the miss-a-turn card to skip the next player's turn.

Declare "Uno!" if you have only one card remaining in your hand. If you do not make this declaration, other players can call you on it and you will have to pick up two cards from the draw pile as a penalty. Encourage your children to be as loud as possible when declaring "Uno!" to add to the excitement and keep them interested in the game.

Discard your entire hand to win the game.

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