Cadbury Chocolate Games

Updated April 17, 2017

Cadbury Chocolates ( opened in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1824. Ever since its opening days, when the company offered 11 types of chocolate and 16 kinds of hot chocolate, Cadbury has been about sweet treats and family fun. It isn't enough for Cadbury's patrons to merely enjoy the wide variety of cocoa treats; the company has a variety of games and activities available to play, on its website or at home, featuring its products.

Into the Groove: Cadbury Creme Egg

Into the Groove plays off the success of games like Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band. Hitting arrow keys in sync with music helps a Cadberry Creme Egg, complete with arms and legs, dance on screen. The more accurate the keystrokes, the higher the points and the more complex the dance becomes. The faster the song goes, the quicker the arrows need to be hit and the more points can be scored. Each user has three lives per game.

Chocolate Machine

The Cadbury Chocolate Machine is a good game to test knowledge retention and listening to simple commands for children. The "quality control manager" tells the user what ingredients to put in each chocolate bar, how many to make, and how long the user has to complete the order. Pressing a series of red and orange buttons fills, adds or stops ingredients. After all ingredients are added, the user hits a "mix" button. The correctness of the order is displayed on a bar above the machine. A perfect score earns a Golden Case.

Chocolate Tasting Party

Cadbury recommends its products for a chocolate-tasting party. Any chocolate works for the occasion, however. Create a sheet listing a number for each chocolate sample, and a spot to give that chocolate a grade. In a blind taste test, have guests discuss which ones they like and do not like, noting the grades. At the end, reveal each type of chocolate. Find out if any guests have food allergies before playing this game.

Cadbury Coloring Contest

For those visiting Cadbury World in Birmingham, UK, Cadbury World sponsors a monthly colouring contest. All children visiting the factory-playground-gift shop are encouraged to colour their own depiction of the building. Each month, Cadbury picks a winner and awards prizes. All winners have been under the age of 12.

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