How to make fake coconuts

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Decorating for birthday parties, BBQs or Hawaiian parties doesn't have to be expensive. For just a few dollars and some quality time, you can make your own unique and creative decorations. Using paper mache coconuts can make your party a hit. Kids will love using them for coconut bowling. You can even make them mini pinatas filled with candy and toys.

Blow up as many balloons as you need for your desired number of coconuts. Blow balloons only up to the size of coconuts you wish.

Mix 1 part flour with 1 part water with mixing spoon. For instance if using 1 cup of flour, mix with 1 cup of water.

Cut some old newspaper into 2 inch strips.

Dip newspaper into the flour-water mix.

Place on balloon, covering completely, about two layers thick and let dry. Drying time usually takes 24 hours, sometimes a bit longer if you have heavier layers.

Once the paper mache is dried, poke a sharp thin object, such as steak knife, through to pop the balloon inside. Be careful not to make too big of a hole.

Collect dried grass and saturate them with the flour-water mix. Then place on balloon. Let dry overnight.

Paint your coconuts brown and let dry at least 4 hours.

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