How to make ramekins with aluminum

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Ramekins are used for a variety of dishes and side-dishes, as well as to bake desserts, flans and souflees. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic. Ceramic ramekins are the most popular, often seen in restaurants containing dressing and dipping sauces. In certain functions or to make specific dishes, you may not want to buy a set of ramekins but instead make your own. Disposable ramekins are easily made using aluminium foil and a ramekin as a base.

Decide what size of ramekin you would like to make. Ramekins come in various sizes and depth, ranging from around 28.4 to 227gr. in size. Ramekins used to serve dressing are usually 1 to 2 oz. You would need a larger ramekin for serving appetizers or making a souffle.

Lay five sheets of aluminium foil on top of one another on a flat surface. Place the model ramekin open side facing down in the centre of the foil sheets and cut the foil sheets in a square approximately 2 inches larger than the circumference of the ramekin.

Turn the model ramekin open side facing up in the centre of the foil.

Wrap the foil upwards around the ramekin but not covering the opening.

Using the scissors, cut the excess foil to about 1cm away from the mouth of the ramekin.

Remove the ramekin and fold the edges of the mouth of the foil ramekin under so there are no sharp edges.

Repeat this process for as many ramekins as you wish to create.

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