Ideas for a Beatles Birthday Party

Updated April 17, 2017

Throwing a Beatles birthday party is a fun way to pay homage to one of the greatest bands of all time. As many people enjoy the Beatles' music, there is sure to be something for everyone at your themed celebration. Invitations, activities and music are some ideas to consider while still in the planning stages of the party.


Invitations provide an opportunity to welcome your guests in a special way before they ever arrive at the party. Pump up the excitement with your guests by sending out invitations reminiscent of Shea Stadium admission tickets. The seat or row number on your "ticket" may represent the age of the individual for whom the celebration occurs. To ramp up the excitement, post a "bouncer" at the door to take tickets (invitations) and welcome guests into the "concert." This idea works particularly well if you are entertaining with live music or a Beatles cover band.


You may choose to get creative and encourage your guests to arrive in costume. You may want to coordinate costumes to represent the Beatles' appearances at various stages of their career. Many of the Beatles' songs also paint vibrant images in their lyrics, thus making them great choices for costumes. Guests may select tracks such as "I am the Walrus" or "Mean Mr. Mustard" to pick creative costumes from their song lyrics. Although this is an optional addition to the party, including costumes may enhance excitement for you and your guests.


Live music, particularly Beatles cover tunes, may be a nice addition to your party ambience. An alternative to this idea would be to turn on Beatles records in the background. Ideally, playing old vinyl records on a traditional record player would set the mood for the era, however, since these are often difficult to come by, you may have to settle for another music player. Though the music is no doubt a large part of the celebration, no Beatles birthday party would be complete without at least one play of their famous "Birthday" song that is featured on their self-titled album.


Trivia games are an entertaining and engaging activity for guests to participate in. Questions may be prepared and created in advance or purchased online inside one of the numerous boxed Beatles trivia games available. In addition to trivia and quizzes, the Beatles: Rock Band video game, available on a variety of game systems including Wii and Xbox 360, may add a bit of lively entertainment for both players and those watching.

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