Ideas for Games to Play at Christian Women's Group Meetings

Updated July 20, 2017

Games at a Christian women's group meeting are one way to break the ice among members. They are also a way to pass the time and allow members of the group to form a stronger bond with each other. Games can be played inside or outside, and group members can challenge each other's knowledge of popular Bible verses, or reminisce about humorous experiences.

Guess the Verse

Test everyone's knowledge and memory of Bible verses with this game, which is along the lines of "Wheel of Fortune" (without the wheel). Draw a short horizontal line for each letter of the words in a Biblical verse on a chalkboard, whiteboard or easel. Include spacing between the horizontal lines to indicate the spacing between words. Be sure to include where this verse is found, such as "Galatians 5:22." Some Bible verses to use for this game are "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13) or "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalms 37:4). The group members can sit in front of this display. The person at the board throws a small bean bag at the group. Whoever catches the bean bag must guess a letter for the words in the verse. If her guess is correct, the person at the board writes the letters in above the appropriate horizontal lines. Then the person who guessed the letter gets a chance to guess the verse. If she can't guess or guesses incorrectly, throw another bean bag and let another member take a turn. The first person to guess the verse correctly is the winner.

Have You Ever?

Set out enough sheets of paper for all members of the group, including the hostess. Write the numbers 1 to 15 and, at the top of the paper, write "Have You Ever" followed by ellipses. Next to each number, write an embarrassing situation, such as "Accidentally locked your keys in the car?" or "Called a friend by a different name?" Give each sheet of paper to the group members, keeping one for yourself. Everyone must place a check mark next to anything they have done. The member with the most number of checked items is the winner.

The Shoe Game

Everyone in the group must remove one shoe and place it into a laundry basket. The hostess hides all the shoes in another room. Separate the group into pairs. Take the teamed pairs into the room with the hidden shoes and explain that it is a race among teams to find each other's shoes. The first team to find each other's shoes wins.

Mismatched Bible Verses

Write five Bible verses on a large sheet of white construction paper and hang it on the wall. Write part of the verse on one index card and the rest of it on another index card. Repeat with the remaining Bible verses on the wall. Now shuffle the cards and place them into a bag. Each group member draws a card. Inform everyone they have two minutes to find their missing card by asking the others which card they have. The first person to find her missing card wins.

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