Edible Roses for Cakes

Updated April 17, 2017

Cakes often are the centrepiece of any celebration or party. While cake decorating can be difficult, there are a few easy tips and tricks for adding floral decorations to any cake. Make your own edible roses to decorate cakes for special occasions, and you'll have an extra special dessert that looks as good as it tastes.

Icing Roses

Edible roses made from icing enhance the flavour and visual appeal of a cake. Fresh icing roses are easy to make, even for beginning cake decorators. Start with a stiff icing, such as royal icing. Use a piping bag with a flat tip to form five petals on the cake. Overlap a layer of three petals, and finish with a dab of icing in the centre using a regular tip. If you'd like a more professional look or prefer hardened roses, some bakeries will sell pre-made hardened roses. If you prefer the soft icing but don't have a piping kit, you can create a semi-homemade cake. Carefully lift the roses from a store bought cake with a spatula and transfer them to your own homemade cake. No one will ever know!

Sugar Roses

Sugar or gum paste roses have a delicate, refined appearance, and are easier to make then they seem. Gum paste is a pliable sugar dough that is easy to form and mould. You can make your own, but buying pre-made gum paste is a convenient alternative. If you are artistic you can sculpt roses with a small ball of dough, or simply press into a plastic rose mould and carefully lift and remove the flower with a small icing or butter knife. Or, use a small shot glass to cut small circles out of the gum paste, stretch into petals, and layer them, pulling upward, to shape into the form of a rose or other flower.

Candy Roses

Candy roses are an unusual alternative to icing and gum paste cake flowers. Hard candy catches light like gemstones, giving cakes a majestic or luxurious look. Purchase candy roses from speciality confectionery shops, or make your own with a simple sugar candy recipe and candy or lollipop rose moulds. Simply pour hot syrup into moulds and cool. Refrigerate moulds for hard candy, or let dry on a countertop for a soft, taffy-like candy rose. Remove the candy from the moulds and place on top of an iced cake.

Chocolate Roses

Like candy roses, chocolate roses are easy to make and can transform a cake from typical to extraordinary. Purchase rose candy moulds and chocolate melting chips, available in an array of different colours. Heat chocolate on the stove in a double boiler, pour into moulds and refrigerate until hardened. For a unique twist, make chocolate rose lollipops and stick the pops into the cake for cake decoration that doubles as an extra treat.

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