How to freeze a lemon meringue pie

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Lemon meringue pie is a sweet and tangy dessert comprised of a rich, lemon custard filling and light whipped egg topping. This pie is best served cold. While making this pie requires some practice, storing it in the freezer can be even trickier.

Freezing a homemade pie is not recommended because of the meringue topping's composition. If frozen, the meringue toughens and will remain in that state even after it is thawed. However, with a bit of preparation, freezing a lemon meringue pie can be frozen and remain tasty once thawed.

Remove the meringue topping from an already baked meringue pie before freezing. It is best to freeze an unbaked pie and prepare the meringue topping when you are ready to prepare the pie for serving.

Place the spatula between the meringue topping and pie crust edge of a baked pie to separate the meringue from the custard filling underneath. This works best if the pie has been refrigerated and the custard filling has thickened to a firm gelatin texture.

Discard the topping and place the pie crust with the custard filling in the air tight freezer container or bag.

Place the pie in the freezer. Pie crust with custard can be frozen for up to three months. Thaw the pie to room temperature before you are ready to serve it.

Prepare the meringue topping and spread it evenly onto the pie once it has thawed. Re-bake the pie in the oven for a few minutes until the meringue topping is lightly browned. Allow the pie to cool before serving.