Ideas for 80th Birthday Party

Written by michelle strockbine | 13/05/2017
Ideas for 80th Birthday Party
An 80th birthday party is a time to bring together family and old friends. (David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images)

An 80th birthday is quite a milestone. After eight decades on earth, the special person deserves an extraordinary party. When planning an 80th birthday party, consider some of the person's favourite places -- present or past, preferred food choices, health status, family members and old friends.

Party Ideas

Pick a place to have the party that reminds the birthday guest of honour of her youth, such as a favourite restaurant, drive-in cinema or school gymnasium. Ask the person about jobs she worked at when she was younger, maybe even as a teenager. Most public places will allow people to rent space for a birthday party.

Theme Ideas

Take the birthday guest of honour on a trip down memory lane; decorate the facility with old newspapers and a list of what things cost the year she was born. Include pictures of famous actors, singers and political figures throughout the decades. For centrepieces, make family trees with pictures of old friends, siblings, grandparents, parents, kids and grandchildren.

Food Ideas

Before planning the menu, take into consideration the birthday guest of honor's health, medications and dietary restrictions and/or needs. Cater the food to the birthday person's preferences. It can be as simple as cake and punch or more elaborate with finger foods or an entire meal, just be sure it fits within her dietary needs.

Gift Ideas

If the birthday guest of honour still lives on her own, present her with "gift certificates" for helping with household chores, such as painting a room, raking leaves or washing curtains. Although the 80 year old may still be quite able to do things herself, she is probably not as sprite as once before and would appreciate the assistance. If she lives in an assisted living facility, make the gift tokens for outings to favourite places.

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