Decorating ideas for a princess party

Written by kimberli nalven
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Decorating ideas for a princess party
Princess decorations can create the enchanted illusion that makes the party a success. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Princess parties continue to be a favourite theme for little girls' birthday parties ages 2 to 15. Even some 16-year-old "Sweet 16" parties have an enchanted princess theme. A key to creating the ideal royal party for your special princess is to choose decorations that bring the enchantment to life. Incorporating hands-on decorations that the partygoers can use as props or costume parts or take home as party favours helps elevate the level of the fantasy. Decorating the scene on the inside and outside ensures that the enchantment goes from beginning to end.

Theme Decorating

While some young girls want a general princess party with crowns, gowns and golden sceptres, others, especially little girls, can have a specific princess or princesses in mind to emulate. Choosing a movie-themed princess and decorating around her image with banners and posters can be fun. A general princess theme opens the possibilities to decorating different sections of your party after different princesses. Choosing your child's favourite princess and setting her party in that princess's environment would be special, or even choosing a colour like pink or yellow and decorating in a "pink princess" or "yellow princess" theme can be enchanting.

Decorating ideas for a princess party
If your princess is a pink-lover, a Pink Princess party may be exactly what she'd prefer. (Michael Greenberg/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Outside Decorations

Regardless of the specific princess theme you choose, adding decorations to the outside of your home takes the enchantment theme just one step further. Consider a balloon archway with a "Welcome Princesses" banner above it that greets partygoers as they enter the party. Create a fake drawbridge, from a door-sized sheet of cardboard and some rope, for your front door to welcome attendees. Stage two family members in simple knight costumes on either side of the drawbridge to let it down flat onto the ground for the partygoers to easily walk across as they arrive. Make sure there's enough room for the cardboard to lay flat so you don't produce a hazard.

Decorating ideas for a princess party
Create the illusion of enchantment with a fake drawbridge outside the party location. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Inside Decorations

Draw the enchantment into your house and the main room of the party with a roll of red carpet for the party-going princesses to walk down. On each side of the entrance to the party room, consider a balloon bouquet to frame the doorway. Create your own canopy for the party to commence underneath, by attaching a large sheet of tulle or gauze-cloth to the centre of the ceiling with tacks or pins. Then swoop the fabric up to each corner and use the tacks or pins to attach there. Add some crepe-paper streamers, in the party colours, at each of the corners to drape down the walls.

Decorating ideas for a princess party
A faux canopy can be a simple but impressive castle-like decoration. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Table-Setting Decorations

Start with one grand table and seat your princess at the head of the table on a specially decorated throne, with her subjects on either side. Another alternative is to have a room full of smaller tables with your main princess seated at the head table on her throne. At each place-setting use a crown or tiara that the guests can wear, to decorate each setting. Drape each chair in a plain white cloth and use strips of gauzy cloth in your party colours to draw around from the front to the back of the chair and tie in a bow. Use fake crystal bowls as centre pieces and fill with faux gem rings, bracelets or wands (use caution when choosing small toys that may present a choke hazard for younger children).

Decorating ideas for a princess party
Get faux gemstone rings at your local dollar store. (Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

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