85th Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A person's 85th birthday is usually considered another milestone and should be celebrated with enthusiasm. Many people in their eighties are very active and full of zest for life, while others have a more low-key lifestyle. Whether the birthday person is a great grandparent, grandparent, parent, neighbour or friend, there are many gift possibilities that range from practical to humorous.


A clothing item to add to the birthday person's wardrobe may be a good choice. Select an item to suit the person's lifestyle and personality. Options include T-shirts, hats, neckties, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters or socks.

Consider a personalised clothing article with a tagline imprinted on it, such as "85-year-olds rock!," "1920s Classic" or "85 -- Young at Heart." An extraverted gentleman may enjoy a necktie with taglines like "My kids still can't keep up with me!" or "Celebrating 85 years of me." Personalised clothing articles show that you put effort into the present.

Posters & Prints

Consider buying a poster or print for an 85th birthday. Sites like Zazzle offer posters and prints that say things such as "Certified 85 years old," "85 and ageing like fine wine," "Aged to perfection," "85 rocks" or "85 classic." There are also online and retail services that will allow you get anything printed; perhaps a private joke or a favourite punchline of the recipient. A humorous poster could make your friend or relative smile each time he looks at it.

#85 Custom Gifts

You can get the number 85 imprinted on various products to make the gift elegant and unusual. Consider getting the number 85 customised on pocket flasks, handy pill organisers, business card carriers, compacts, refrigerator magnets, letter openers, keepsakes or key chains. You may get the number 85 engraved on wallets, mouse pads, business organisers, or money clips. Gifts with the number 85 are memorable, long-lasting and unique.


Other gifts could be personalised mugs, bags, aprons, buttons, refrigerator magnets and greeting cards. You can make them amusing by imprinting various things for instance "Fabulous at 85," "Cheers to 85," "Who knew 85 could look this good" or "I'm too cute to be 85."

A wooden music box would make a lovely gift for your mother or grandmother to keep jewellery or gift cards. This wooden box could have a special verse written on its top and music will be played when it's opened.

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