The best birthday gifts for an eight year old girl

Updated April 17, 2017

Eight-year-old girls are in a special place. No longer little girls but not yet big kids, they yearn for the trappings of the older set but still love toys and adventures. The best gift for an 8-year-old girl is tailored to her likes and interests. Put some thought into it and get your girl something she'll love.


The best gifts for 8-year-old girls who love dolls is a doll that mimics real life. These are 18-inch dolls that look like 10-year-old girls and often have storylines such as the new kid on the block or a summer adventure. Some of the doll companies allow you to choose the doll's hair and complexion colours so that they match the doll owner's. The dolls also have a wide variety of clothes and accessories available. You can find dolls like this in stores such as Target and American Girl. Make sure your gift includes a doll and at least one outfit.


The best birthday gift for an 8-year-old girl who likes to go on adventures is a trip. Take the young adventurer on a day trip, a weekend getaway or a vacation to a city or country she has not yet visited. Arrange tours and visits to attractions that will interest her, such as museums, castles, toy stores and sweet shops. Make sure that the focus of the trip is on the girl's needs and sense of wonder. Present the trip with a pretty travel journal or a small inexpensive camera so that she can record the adventure as well.

The Arts

Eight-year-old girls who like to dance or sing will love attending a professional performance or concert. Take her to the ballet if she likes dance, and sit as close as possible to the stage so that she can see the costumes up close and hear the toe shoes tapping on the floor. Take her to the opera, but only if it's a performance geared specifically for kids, since opera tends to be long and confusing for beginners. A concert is also a great choice, whether it's a singer, an orchestra or a jazz band. The point is to expose the young miss to the cultural arts and to nurture her budding interest in them.


Eight-year-old girls yearn for the trappings of big girls. While yours may not yet be ready for cell phones and televisions, she's probably responsible enough to handle a portable DVD player, an MP3 player, a telephone extension in her room or a digital camera. Get gadgets that are easy to use. For a DVD player, include a few new movies with the gift. For the MP3 player, pre-load it with music your girl will love, and make sure it's charged and ready to go when she opens the package.

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