What Are the Signs That a Guy Likes You as a Girlfriend?

Updated March 18, 2017

If you have been hanging around a guy that you are interested in and are wondering if his feelings are perhaps more than just friendly toward you, you don't have to remain clueless in the dark. Open up your eyes to some strong indications that a guy really likes you and is interested in being your boyfriend.


There simply isn't that much time in any given day to fit in work, school, classes, meetings, hobbies, volunteering and socialising. As a result, when a guy is willing to make time for a girl, he is going to the extra mile because he is interested in dating her. If a guy has to be out of town on business for a week and he calls or texts you several times while he's away, he surely wants you to be his girlfriend.


If a guy develops a curiosity regarding everything that a girl is interested in, then he is falling hard for her. If you are interested in playing tennis, cooking, astronomy and enjoy slapstick comedy films and he wants to know all about them, he is attempting to develop a closeness with you by learning about what you enjoy and what makes you tick. The guy scores additional points if he tries to pursue those interests as well.


If the object of your affection suddenly tries to get an "in" with your friends, it is a sign that he is interested in you and wants to become a part of your world. Whether he wants to learn information about you from your friends to get closer to you or simply wants to join your clique, he is sending a strong signal that he wants to be your boyfriend and be a permanent presence.


When a guy is seriously interested in a girl, he makes an effort to see her, no matter how busy his schedule keeps him. You won't have to chase him down because he will do the chasing himself. If a guy regularly calls you about everything from making plans to see a movie together on Friday night or just sitting on the couch watching television after a long workday, he is actively looking to spend quality time together with you because he really likes you.


When a guy consults a girl regarding her opinion on something, it shows that he truly values her opinion, respects her, wants to please her and most of all, wants to be her boyfriend. This can range from asking an opinion on what tie to wear to an interview to what kind of gift he should get his best friend for his birthday. When a guy asks a girl for her opinion on something, he is essentially stating that he thinks that she can enhance his life with her thoughts, advice and knowledge.


Guys are stereotyped often as being notoriously bad listeners. However, this definitely doesn't apply to when a guy wants to date a girl. If you can engage him in a conversation and he is responsive, interested and asks a lot of questions, then he most likely is head over heels for you. If his eye contact is steady and he isn't distracted easily, he is enchanted by you.

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