What Can You Make With Flower Pots?

Updated April 17, 2017

If you've got some empty flower pots that you can't make use of for planting, make use of them in crafts for yourself or to give as gifts. There are many creative ideas for turning extra or slightly imperfect pots into something that expresses your love of gardening and nature. Flower pots turned into wind chimes, bird baths and garden ornaments are just some of the many possibilities.

Garden People

Transform variously sized terracotta flower pots into a "garden person" by threading them together with rope passed through the drain holes. Use a small- to medium-sized pot for the head, a larger pot for the body and several smaller pots for the arms and legs. Glue a terracotta drain dish on top of the "head," then fill it with dirt and grass seed, which will grow to resemble hair and bring the face to life. Draw facial features with permanent markers or acrylic paint; alternatively, glue on craft store doodads for the eyes, nose and mouth. Create "garden people families" by using larger pots for adults and smaller pots for children.

Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

Paint the flower pots in Christmas colours, then fill them with decorative Christmas balls, candy canes and holiday plants. Paint a tiny flower pot with acrylic paint to resemble a bell, snowman or other holiday image; tie a satin ribbon loop with a large knot on the end, feed it up through the pot and out the drain hole -- the knot will stop the ribbon passing all the way through -- and hang it as a tree ornament. Use large terracotta flower pots painted with holiday colours to store pine cones by the fireplace. If you're particularly artistic, paint a winter scene on a pot and fill it with small, wrapped gifts.

Bird Bath

Several differently sized terracotta flower pots, a large saucer, non-toxic outdoor paint and sealant, plus construction adhesive are all you need to create a sturdy, distinctive bird bath. Test your structure for height and placement before permanently assembling it. Begin with the largest pot and turn it upside down. Stack additional pots on top, each slightly smaller than the one below it, to create the base of the bird bath. Once you reach the desired height, place a large terracotta drain saucer on top for the bathing area. Take down the pots and saucer, seal, paint and seal them again, then permanently assemble them with the adhesive. Allow the sealant and paint to dry thoroughly between applications.

Bird House

A little tweaking can turn a clay flower pot into an ideal bird house. Start with a pot of a size that's suitable for the type of bird you want to attract. Turn the flower pot upside down so the drain hole is at the top. Use a drill bit to create a hole in the side for the entrance. Trace the bottom of the flower pot onto a piece of plywood and cut it out to use as the bird house base. Use a washer and nut on top to cover the drain hole and run a long eye-bolt run through the washer/nut, into the flower pot and through the centre of the plywood bottom to connect the base to the flower pot. Secure the pieces with a nut at the bottom of the plywood.

Wind Chimes

Create an attractive wind chime out of miniature clay pots. Paint the pots with acrylic paint and use a sealer to protect them from the weather. String the miniature pots on fishing line, upside down and at varying lengths, ensuring that they will make contact with each other as they blow in the breeze. Secure them to a piece of wood or another base of your choice. Varying the sizes of the miniature pots will create a more interesting look for your chime craft.

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