Present ideas for 11-year-old girls

Updated April 17, 2017

When looking for a gift for an 11-year-old girl, keep in mind that she is not a child; however, she is not an adult. Stay with neutral, age-appropriate gifts. Purchase a gift she can share with a friend, such as event. Find gifts for her at department stores, book stores and gift shops.


One good gift idea is a diary. Some preteen girls want to create written memories of their thoughts. Plus, she can take the diary with her wherever she goes. Choose a diary with enough paper to last a calendar year. Place the diary in a small, colourful gift bag. You can find diaries at bookstores and office supply shops.

Pre-Teen Book Gift Bag

Create a preteen book gift bag. Aim for a range of books. The books can include fiction, non-fiction and a puzzle book. The book range can help keep her from becoming bored. Plus, she can take her books with her. Save money and buy colourful gift bags from a discount store.

Hair Care Accessories

Some preteen girls want to explore their independence and unique sense of style, which includes their hair care. Treat her to her own set of hair care accessories. Hair care items include a hair dryer, curling iron, clips, headbands and other fun accessories.

Movie and Meal Deal

Give her enough money to take a friend to the movies and enjoy a meal. This can give her a sense of independence. Plus, she can learn how to make decisions with her money. You can give her a movie gift token to a national movie theatre. Some national theatres offer a range of food, so they can eat there, too.

Singer T-shirt

If she enjoys music and has a favourite singer, surprise an 11-year-old with a T-shirt. Choose a girlie colour, such as pink, pale yellow or purple. Since her body is still developing, look for a large size.

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