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Updated November 21, 2016

Stress is a part of life for most people. For some people, the Help Guide says, it can result in depression, obesity, sleep problems and digestive problems. A healthy way to relieve the stresses of daily life is to incorporate a hobby or two into your daily routine. There are many hobbies to choose, ranging from participatory sports to quieter more creative activities like painting or pottery.

Martial Arts

Picking up a martial art is one way to develop a new skill set as well as stay healthy and active. Most martial arts teach participants how to defend themselves. The regimented physical training involved with learning a martial art is an effective way to add a physical activity to your daily routine. Some martial arts you can choose from are jiujitsu, karate, aikido, hapkido, kendo, judo and kung fu.


Adding an artistic outlet or hobby to your life can help relax you after work. There are many art hobbies to choose from, such as painting, sketching, model building, jewellery making, sculpture or even sewing. Joining a beginners class lets you learn some of the basic skills associated with the hobby.

Dance or Music

Playing an instrument or choosing a style of dance are other alternatives. The benefits to choosing one of these hobbies is you can share your music or entertain people with your dancing. For music, search out open microphone nights at local eateries and coffee shops. Some examples of instruments to choose are the guitar, bass guitar, violin, keyboard and the flute. For dance styles, try salsa, waltzing or other forms of culural dancing. Swing, break and line dancing are other options.

Team Sports

One benefit of a new hobby is meeting new people and making friends. Consider joining a team, such as softball, basketball, soccer, hockey, rowing or bowling. Check the listings at your local community centre or start a league through your workplace and encourage other employees to get involved. You can also sign up for a paid recreational league that will assign you a team.

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