Homemade gag gifts for a bride

Updated November 21, 2016

Brides get a lot of serious gifts when they get married, i.e. towels, dishes and sheets. Getting a bride a funny gag gift is a way to lighten the mood. Whether you are member of the bridal party, or simply attending a shower, gag gifts are fun and memorable. Make it personal (and save money for the more serious wedding gift) and create your own bridal gag gift.

Picture Show

Almost every bride-to-be has a history of old boyfriends or days of living the single life. Why not remind the bride of what she is leaving behind while getting a few laughs. You can create a collage or picture show of the bride's ex-boyfriends, funny experiences, first apartment or anything that has to do with living the single life. You can add in funny tag lines or jokes. Be sure to keep it light and reserve this gift for a bride you know well.

Wedding Day Kits

Wedding days come with nervous excitement and lots of adrenalin. Creating a wedding day survival kit is an appropriate gag gift for any bride. Because you are creating it, you can make it as silly as you want. Include the basic necessities: breath mints, hairspray, hair clips, and a mending kit. For extra fun, add in antacids, extra wedding bands (can be plastic), socks (in case she gets 'cold feet'), and a huge name tag for the groom (so she doesn't forget his name).

Honeymoon Suitcase

Every bride and groom could use a little help on their honeymoon, so create a honeymoon suitcase. Decorate a box to look like a suitcase and fill it up with funny (even naughty) essentials for the honeymoon. These can include condoms, flavoured lube or massage oils, handcuffs, lingerie, and power bars. For a good laugh, you could also buy a cheap journal and create a personalised "How to make your groom" happy book. You can have members of the bridal party write in advice and sign it.

"Perfect" Wife Gifts

Women getting married are about to gain a husband, so help them become the "perfect" wife with a homemade gag gifts. You can create a funny (and personal) "How-to" manual for the bride - how to clean, cook, mix a drink, make your man comfortable after a long day at work, etc. You can also create a small kit of "wifely duties" that includes cleaning supplies, an apron, recipe cards, a parenting magazine and a massage manual.

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