Inspirational Happy Birthday Messages

Written by kevin m. jackson | 13/05/2017
Inspirational Happy Birthday Messages
Birthday are one of the most universal celebrations throughout the world. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

The way to really touch someone's heart is to appeal to his emotions and the things that really make him happy. Birthdays provide that opportunity to shower family members, loved ones and friends with inspiring words that can lift their spirits. Words are powerful, creative and remain with people for a long time.

From a Co-Worker

Write something that encourages the person to enjoy her day. Think about some of the person's qualities and characteristics as you create inspirational messages. Reflect on some of the most memorable moments that you and your co-worker have shared together. In some way, try to connect those experiences with an appropriate inspirational message. For example, post "Hoping that your day is filled with fun and excitement" on her desk or computer screen.

From a Parent

Write something that appeals to the individual's heart about when he was younger, and the joy and love that was shared as a result of his birth. Consider including some childhood statements or pronunciation of words that always put a smile on the child's face. In addition, pictures and small trinkets from the past make good accessories with inspirational cards. An example of an inspirational message is, "I'm so glad that you were born; you have always brightened my life and filled it with joy."

From A Spouse

Love conveyed through heartfelt words is powerful. Think about the day that you met your spouse. What were your emotions and feelings? Think about some of the passionate words that were spoken by you or your spouse. All make for a romantic moment. For example, "Baby, you grow more beautiful with each passing year. Happy Birthday!"

Christian Inspirational Messages

The main element for Christian inspirational messages is the inclusion of scripture and scripture-based sayings. Think about the person's commitment to his Christian faith. One neat idea would be to use the person's favourite scripture in the inspiration message. Here are some examples of Christian inspiration messages: "May each passing year bring you peace, cheer and wisdom." Another example is, "Don't count the years, count the blessings." A final example using scripture is, Honey, "you are sweeter than the honey from a honeycomb." (Psalm 19:10)

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