How to remove scratches from black kitchen appliances

rasslava/iStock/Getty Images

Black kitchen appliances can add a sleek and sassy look to your cooking area. Most of these appliances will have a shiny or powdered finish that cleans easily but also scratches. These scratches will mar the face of your appliances, detracting from the beauty of your entire kitchen. Removing the scratches prevents you from having to replace your kitchen appliances and keeps your cooking area looking shiny and new.

Buy carnauba wax. This specific type of wax is found in many car wax products, including Turtle Wax car polish.

Spread the wax over the scratches with a soft, clean cloth. Make sure the cloth is completely clean, without any oils or other cleaners on it.

Buff off the wax on the black surface with another clean cloth. The carnauba wax will cover the scratches, softening the edges and making them far less noticeable.

Allow the wax to dry completely and inspect the results. Reapply, if necessary, to completely remove the scratches.

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