How to Clean a Dualit Toaster

Verity Welstead/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Dualit provides a wide range of high-quality, high-performance kitchen appliances for home and commercial use. Dualit toasters provide simple function and minimal maintenance. When fingerprints or dust build up on the surface of your toaster, they can affect its appearance.

Crumbs can build up inside of the crumb tray from everyday use, and it should be emptied daily. Regular care and cleaning can maintain the performance and appearance of your Dualit toaster.

Unplug the Dualit toaster and wait for it to cool before attempting to clean it.

Remove the crumb tray from the toaster. Grasp the tabs from beneath the toaster and next to the ejector knob, and slide the crumb tray forward. Empty its contents into a dustbin.

Slide the crumb tray into place underneath the toaster following the removal process in reverse.

Dampen a cloth with warm water and wring it out. Wipe the toaster thoroughly with the cloth to remove any smudges, residue or fingerprints.

Buff the toaster with a soft cloth to dry it and restore shine.

Apply stainless steel cleaner to a cloth, and wipe the centre casing to restore shine. Don't wipe the ends, as the cleaner can cause discolouration.