Fancy Dress Party Ideas

Written by tamara davidson
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    Fancy Dress Party Ideas

    No matter what age a girl is, playing dress up never gets old. Every woman has that one dress hanging in her closet waiting to be worn to a fabulous party. Give her an excuse to wear that dress by throwing a fancy dress-themed party.

    Dress up in a fancy dress for a party. (David Woolley/Photodisc/Getty Images)

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    Renaissance Night

    Dress like a queen by wearing a long velvet dress with wide flowing sleeves and vibrant dark colours. Take a deep breath because a corset is involved and it will need to be tight for an hourglass shape. Find a dress with a low neckline to accentuate a woman's bust and show off an extravagant necklace. Consider adding a wide-brimmed hat with feathers or a hooded cape to a fancy renaissance style dress. Dress the part of a famous historical person such as Elizabeth I, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Queen of Scots or use famous fictional characters such as Robin Hood's Maid Marion or Shakespeare's Juliet.

    Wear a fancy renaissance dress to a costume party. (Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images)

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    Wedding Night

    Throw a wedding, but don't get married. Give a chronically single girl a chance to wear a wedding dress and walk down a make-believe aisle. Give a married woman a good excuse to dust off her wedding dress and show it off again, for a fancy wedding dress-themed party. Consider renting a wedding dress or finding one at a second-hand store. Laughter is guaranteed if you ask guests to find or rent the worst wedding dress they have ever seen and wear it with pride to the party. Or, consider throwing a horrible bridesmaid dress party and call it "Attack of the Bridesmaid Dresses." Give prizes to the worst dressed.

    Consider renting a fancy wedding dress if you are on a tight budget. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

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    Romance Novel

    Give your girlfriends that chance to fess up and admit to reading romance novels by throwing a party, so she can wear the fancy dress from her favourite romance novel cover. Romance novel book covers are usually adorned with a feminine damsel wearing a fancy dress and a gorgeous hero on her arm. Browse the romance novel section of the bookstore and look at the different book covers for fancy dress ideas. Add some humour to the party by asking boyfriends and husbands to dress up as a romance novel hero. A pirate, Viking, Scotsman, Native American chief or a knight are common male looks found on romance novel covers. Ask the romance novel couples to pose for pictures. Use a digital camera and print the pictures during the party. Allow guests to judge the best romance novel cover pose. Give a prize to the winning couple. Don't worry if you are single --- a male blow-up doll could make a perfect date and you might even win the romance novel cover pose contest.

    Wear a fancy dress from the cover of a romance novel. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

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    "Project Runway"

    Throw a party based on the reality show "Project Runway." Send out invitations giving guests an assignment to make a fancy dress and wear it to the party. Find a plain long dress from your closet or buy one from a second-hand store. Go to a local craft store to find decorative items to sew or glue to the dress. "Project Runway" gave the contestants challenges using limited material on a tight budget. Consider sewing nothing but colourful buttons in an interesting pattern or use fabric glue to attach feathers and tiny birds used for plants and wreaths, but glue them to a dress instead. Attach a collage of photos or cut out pictures from a magazine of a favourite actress or politician and glue them on a plain dress. Move furniture or use a hallway to create a runway for the party guests to show off their homemade fancy dresses and choose a winner. Don't forget to say to the losers, "You're out!"

    Be creative and make a fancy dress for a party. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

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    Oscar Night

    Roll out the red carpet and put on your finest dress. Search your closet for the fanciest dress you own, feather boas included. Look through magazines with movie stars attending award ceremonies or search the Internet for photos of actresses from Oscar night for fancy dress ideas. Wear a dress with sequins, sparkles, flowing trains and extravagant shawls. Long white gloves and costume jewellery will add to a fancy dress. Go to a second-hand store, vintage or antique shop for an old Hollywood style dress. Think Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn and wear a sexy white halter top dress or a conservative black dress with white gloves and pearls. Bring old style Hollywood glamour to the party by wearing a fancy dress with feathers, satin, lace and a long strands of pearls. Play Hollywood trivia or give each guest a list of the movies and actors who are up for awards and choose who will win. Give the winner a prize and ask for a public acceptance speech or have a contest on who can give the best acceptance speech and vote on the favourite.

    Wear a fancy dress to a glamorous Hollywood-themed party. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

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    Worst Dressed

    Add some humour to a party by creating a worst dressed-themed party. After any Hollywood award ceremony, photos of the worst dresses appear in magazines the following day. Collect magazine photos or Internet images of actresses who made the worst dressed list and find similar dresses to wear. Consider having a contest during the party to pick the worst dress and give prizes. Give guests the creative power to put together their own idea of a fancy dress gone wrong.

    Throw a "Worst Dressed"-themed party, and pick out a fancy dress sure to make the "worst dressed" list. ( Images)

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