Birthday ideas for a 60-year-old man

Updated April 17, 2017

When choosing a birthday gift for a 60-year-old man, you can choose from a range of options. The gift recipient may be your father, your grandparent, a neighbour or a dear friend, so you want a birthday gift that represents his tastes and makes him comfortable. You may choose to purchase a gift as a group, such as for a co-worker or boss.

Gifts for the Wine Lover

If your gift-recipient enjoys wine, you can purchase a 60-year-old man wine-related gifts for his birthday. He may enjoy having his wine with meals or after meals, so choose a wine that fits his lifestyle, as some wines taste better when served with food. You can wrap a nice bottle with a ribbon as a birthday gift. Other wine-related gifts range from wine coasters to wine bottle labels. You can purchase these gifts at wine stores and speciality shops.

Gifts of Luxury

Treat him to luxury gifts for his 60th birthday. Recliner chairs can act as a luxury gift, so take him shopping with you to choose the right chair. He can feel the fabric and decide on the chair's location. Other luxury gifts include gold jewellery, televisions and dining room furniture. Your can purchase luxury gifts from furniture stores, department stores and jewellery shops.

Patio and Backyard Gifts

If your gift recipient is semiretired, he may spend much of his time outdoors. Look for gifts he may have overlooked, such as wind chimes and decorative outdoor lamps, so he can enjoy a warm, cosy environment. Or, add to his outdoor plant collection with plants or a gift token. Purchase these gifts at department stores, home accessories stores and plant nurseries.

Night on the Town

Take him to a show or for a night on the town, such as a car show, home show, concert, sporting event, opera or television game show, to celebrate his 60th birthday. Obtain two tickets so you can go with him. Enjoy a meal together before the show. Check newspapers for show times and dates. Some companies offer discount tickets to shows, so check with your human resources department.

Education Classes

Find out if he is interested in furthering his education as he enters his 60th year. Offer to pay for a short-term class. Some classes include crafts, cooking and woodworking. Classes may be held at his local college or vocational school. Not only will he learn a new skill, but he will also get a chance to meet people in his age group. You can find course selections in catalogues, which should include a class description, time and associated costs.

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