Good Ideas for Birthday Presents for Your Boyfriend's Mom

Updated February 21, 2017

The birthday gift you select for your boyfriend's mom will make a lasting impression on her, so be sure your idea is well thought-out. A birthday gift is a gesture of your appreciation for her on her special day, as well as symbolic of the fact that you care deeply for her son. Come up with a meaningful gift idea that is sure to wow her.


A DVD is a simple gift, but the meaning behind it can make it a birthday present hit. Take mental notes when your boyfriend's mom talks about wanting to see a particular movie. When her birthday comes around, use your sleuth-like skills to find out whether she's seen it. If she hasn't, purchase the movie on DVD for her birthday gift. To present her with the gift, purchase a bucket of unpopped popcorn and put the wrapped movie in the bucket along with her favourite cinema snacks.


If your boyfriend's mom is the type who enjoys writing letters, buy her special stationary that is personalised with her initials or name. This is a thoughtful gift that she can use to write to friends or create thank-you notes. It also gives you a chance to display your more creative side by designing her stationary that you know she will like.


If your boyfriend's mom talks about wanting to learn how to cook a new cuisine, use this as a clue to inspire your birthday gift. Buy her a cookbook for the cuisine she wishes to learn, and put it into a gift basket along with a few choice spices or sauces that she will need to get started. Turn this into a combination present by having your boyfriend purchase a special cookware item, such as a wok, that she can use with the cookbook.

Bottle of Wine

When dealing with a woman who has a sophisticated appreciation for wine, buy her a bottle of red or white wine from a particular region that she favours. If she loves German Rieslings, for example, look specifically for that type of wine. You can give the bottle of wine as a gift on its own, or put it in a gift basket along with some cheeses and chocolates that are recommended to go with it.

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