Funny Ideas for Birthday Cards

Updated November 21, 2016

When a friend or loved one celebrates a birthday, it is common courtesy to send a birthday card. If you or the person you are sending the card to has a good sense of humour, you may consider sending a funny birthday card. There are many humorous birthday cards that fit nearly any type of humour, and are sure to make your friend or loved one laugh on their special day.

Homemade and Printable Cards

Your homemade birthday card can get a good laugh from the birthday girl. If you are not artistic, draw your funny pictures on the card, mocking your inability. You can also include your funny jokes or messages on these cards; this will make the card more personal than generic humorous cards. You can also visit websites such as to create and print funny birthday cards. You can make changes to these cards to make them more personal. You can print these cards at home; this will cost less than buying a card.

Photo Cards

Photos can make funny birthday cards. Choose a funny photo of the birthday girl or an embarrassing childhood photo. Tie the card and the photo together with a funny line or saying that has to do with the photo you chose. You can create these photo cards online at retail store, or create your own by gluing a photograph to the front of a folded piece of paper or card stock. These cards are not only personal but can also give the receiver of the card a good laugh.

Music Cards

Music and sound cards have risen in popularity. Many card retailers and drugstores sell these musical birthday cards. These cards look like typical birthday cards from the outside, but play a noise or song when you open them. Pick a music card you find particularly funny, or choose a card with a song that you know the card recipient will find humorous. You can also get a recordable birthday card whereby you can record your message to be played when the card is opened. You can record a joke, funny message or sing a song in a funny voice to make the card even more funny.

Age Joke Cards

You can make age jokes in birthday cards for people turning any age. You can write your own jokes in a homemade card, purchase a blank card, and write the message inside. Or, you can buy a pre-made funny birthday age card. If the person you are giving the card to is nearing 30 or 40, you can make "over-the-hill" or ageing jokes to mock these milestone birthdays. If the person is turning 21, you can make drinking jokes in your card. Either way, make sure the age jokes are in good taste and fit the receiver's sense of humour.

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