Typing Games That Are Fun & Free

Written by erika dean | 13/05/2017
Typing Games That Are Fun & Free
Improve your typing skills by playing typing games online. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Adequate keyboarding skills are a must-have in school and in many job careers. If you want to help your kids improve their keyboarding skills, or improve your own, there are many free typing games online that will help you improve your skills while having fun. Some games are geared towards beginning typists, while others are for more experienced typists who want to see how fast and accurate they are.

Desert Typing Racer

Desert Typing Racer is a fun game for all keyboarders, regardless of skill level. There are three levels the game can be played--beginner, intermediate and advanced. To play this game, you have to type the letters or words as they appear above cars in front of you. The game also incorporates the use of the space bar to jump over cars for more points. This game is especially good for students who are learning to type, as the beginner level starts out by testing the typist on the home row keys only. As the typist progresses throughout the game, letters, numbers and characters from other rows are added for difficulty.

Typing Asteroids

Typing Asteroids also has three levels--easy, medium and hard. Players must type the words on asteroids as they fall to Earth. Correctly typing the word on the asteroid before it hits Earth makes the asteroid explode. The asteroids fall at different speeds and as the game progresses, the asteroids fall faster. If the player doesn't correctly type the word on an asteroid before it hits, the game is over.


KeyMan is a fun typing game based on the arcade game Pacman. The object of this game is to move KeyMan through the maze while avoiding ghosts. Typing skills are used to move KeyMan throughout the maze. KeyMan has a different letter at each side, and you must type the letter in the direction you want to move KeyMan. For example, if you want to move KeyMan up, you may need to type a "T" or "W." The letters for directions change, so your typing skills are tested by how quick you can adjust to the change and type the letter to move KeyMan away from the ghosts.

Typing Adventure

If you are trying to teach an elementary or middle school aged child to type, then Typing Adventure is a fun place to start. This object of this game is to help your character make it to the treasure in a pyramid, and the character moves forward by typing the correct letter on the next step. The game starts out by testing the player's home row key abilities and incorporates letters from other areas of the keyboard as the player advances.

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