Signs a Man Is Hooked on You at the Office

Updated March 23, 2017

If you think you may be the object of affection of a man in your workplace, you may be eager to determine whether this perception is yours alone or if you're correct. There are signs of attachment.

Caught Looking

If your office is closed, separated by full walls or mazelike corridors, it may be impossible for the man in question to keep you in his sights. But if your office is filled with short cubicles or other dividers, it's easier for him to check you out during the day. If you often catch him looking your way while you sit at your desk or during meetings, he may like you as more than just a co-worker. This sign is particularly telling if, when you catch him looking, he looks away quickly.

Break-Time Interest

If the man is really hooked on you, you may find that your break times line up more and more. If it seems he's hot on your heels every time you head to the break room, there is a strong possibility he's eager to spend more time with you.

Covering For You

If you find that this man covers for you when you make an error, he might be doing so because he cares for you as more than a co-worker.

Partnering Up

Many managers ask their employees to complete some tasks cooperatively. If this man always seems to be in the picture each time the opportunity to partner up presents itself, there is a strong possibility that he likes spending time with you.

After-Work Connections

If the man is truly interested, he will likely try to extend your relationship beyond the workplace. He may ask you to accompany him for an after-work drink or head out on a social outing together.

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