Ideas for a 14-year old boy's bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Since parents and teens rarely agree on anything, decorating your 14-year old son's bedroom can present a number of challenges. While his focus may be on aesthetics, yours may be on comfort and functionality. Using his interests as inspiration for the room's theme and decor, along with your ideas for storage and organisation, can help you design a room that is both enjoyable and functional.


Consider your teenager's interests and hobbies when selecting a theme or colour scheme for his bedroom. If he has an interest in sports or music, use that as inspiration for a theme. For a sports theme, paint the walls his favourite team's colours. Incorporate sports memorabilia into the room by hanging a jersey on the back of his door, flags on his wall, a basketball net over his door or giving him a baseball bean bag chair for relaxing. For a music theme, hang posters of his favourite bands and musicians and give him a comforter with instruments on it. Using a colour scheme of earth tones or white and several shades of blue is an alternative to a theme.


With so many styles of beds on the market, your teen is not limited to a standard twin or full-size bed. Bunk beds are an option if your teen frequently has friends stay over. Many bunk beds have a desk attached, which comes in handy for doing homework. Loft beds are a similar option. These types of beds have a built-in desk and storage compartments underneath to make the most of his space. Various styles of twin and full-size beds are also available with built-in drawers and storage. If your son spends a lot of time in his room entertaining friends, futons and sofa beds are an option.

Focal Point

A focal point is the main point of interest in your son's room. Use his interests as inspiration for creating a focal point. Place a large framed poster or picture of your teen's favourite person, animal or movie above his bed to serve as his room's focal point. If your teen enjoys painting or drawing, create a collage of his artwork and make that the focal point. A personalised headboard can also be the focus of his room. Decorate a headboard in fabric, or implement sporting equipment from his favourite sport into the headboard, such as a headboard made of baseballs, surfboards or hockey sticks. Another option is to make his ceiling the focal point by painting it to look like the sky.


What you put into your teenager's room is just as important as how you decorate it. A desk and chair are important items to add to your son's bedroom because they give him a comfortable place to study. Book shelves or other shelving units are used to house books, trophies, DVDs, CDs and decorative items. Use large room dividers to designate an area for sleeping, studying and playing. A variety of storage solutions keep your teen's room organised and clutter-free. Some options include storage totes or cubbies for toys, games and sports equipment; a pegboard for hats, ties and belts; an over-the-door shoe rack for sneakers and under-the-bed storage for out-of-season clothing.

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