Flirting Tips for Lesbians

Updated April 07, 2017

Flirting is the fine art of expressing your interest in someone without coming on too strongly. For lesbians, flirting is a more subtle art, expressed through lingering eye contact and subtle touch. One of the challenges lesbians face when flirting is figuring out their crush's sexual orientation -- a problem that heterosexuals do not have to deal with. Keeping flirting light and playful is a good way to avoid potentially awkward situations while still making your interest clear.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one sure-fire way to make the girl you are interested in know that you are paying attention to her. When talking with your crush, try to maintain eye contact a little longer than usual -- let her know that you are really, genuinely interested in what she has to say (and her!). If you are in a large social situation together, try to make eye contact across the room or throw the occasional glance her way. Be careful not to overdo it, though, and if you notice your crush dropping her eyes from you repeatedly, back off.

Get Close

Another good flirting technique that can help determine the feelings your object of interest has toward you is to increase your proximity to her whenever you are out together. Sit a little too close, encroaching subtly on her personal space, and see how she reacts. Let your thigh brush against hers, or your hand rest so that your fingers touch. If she backs away, it is time to retreat gracefully. If she moves closer, that is a definite sign of mutual interest.


Everyone likes to hear a compliment about herself, and boosting your crush's ego is a good way to make her think highly of you. When you go out together, notice a specific detail of her outfit and point it out -- it will show that you are paying close attention to her and noticed the effort she put into getting ready. Turn up the heat a little bit complimenting her physical features -- eyes and smile are two classics for getting her to blush.

Make Her Laugh

Humour is an essential tool when it comes to flirting -- everyone likes someone who can make her laugh and is quick with a joke. Point out something humorous when you are out together, or pull out an amusing story at an opportune moment. Even if you do not feel like you have much of a sense of humour, you can be sure to laugh at her jokes and notice when she mentions something funny. Trading amusing anecdotes is another good way to form a quick bond and make her more comfortable around you.

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