Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Written by hallie engel | 13/05/2017
Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Light colours can help a little bathroom feel bigger. (Bathroom image by haveseen from

A big bathroom may look and feel luxurious, but a small one can be just as attractive when decorated in the right way. Homeowners can make the most of a little bathroom by decorating, accessorising and organising to take advantage of what room they do have while making it seem as spacious and stylish as possible.

Cut Down on Product Clutter

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Swap out unecessary plastic bottles for space-saving dispensers. (Set bottle for shampoo image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Bottles of all shapes and sizes can clutter a bathroom, taking up space and making it appear cramped; in a small bathroom, the problem is made all the worse by wasting precious space. To save room and keep things looking tidy, install dispensers for liquids like shampoo, conditioner and body wash on the walls of the shower or bathtub. Cutting down the amount of products to what's really necessary will not only save space, but will cut back on spending by limiting the number of personal care items purchased for the bath.

Remove What's Unneeded

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Place the hairdryer and related items in another room to shore up space. (hairdryer image by Lieson from

There are plenty of things people do in the bathroom aside from showering, and many such activities consume precious space. Limit bathroom activities by taking certain practices into another room, removing clutter and freeing up space. For instance, make-up and skincare items can be gathered and placed at a mirror or vanity in another, more spacious area. Remove the hairdryer and related products as well, limiting styling and primping to a place with more room to spare, like a bedroom. As for items that cannot be removed, keep them organised in a cabinet or under the sink in a specially designed unit to keep things from getting messy.

Avoid Dark Colors

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Dark colours can make a small bathroom feel positively tiny. (red bathroom image by Jeffrey Sinnock from

While dark colours, like a black sink or deep red floor tiles, can look bold in a spacious bathroom, they can shrink the appearance of a tiny space and make it feel cramped. Noveau Bathrooms recommends against using darkly coloured paint and fixtures in a small bathroom, suggesting the use of items in light shades, like white, ivory and cream. Use dark-coloured accessories, like a black soap dish or a basket or burgundy potpourri resting on the toilet tank, as accents.

Curbless Showers

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Avoid showers with a lipped bottom, as they can make things feel smaller. (View of Hotel Bathroom image by TekinT from

To keep the bathroom feeling open and free-flowing, This Old House recommends avoiding showers with curbed bottoms, which resemble a high-lipped tray that must be stepped into and out of. Instead, the website recommends adding a shower that sprays onto the tile floor, with a drain placed into the centre to sluice away water. Avoiding a lip at the bottom of the shower allows the bathroom to visually expand in all directions, free of any blocks or walls that would make it appear smaller.

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