1960s Brownie Uniforms

Updated February 21, 2017

The Brownies is a youth organisation for girls that was started in 1914 by Sir Robert Baden Powell, who also started Boy Scouts. Originally, the Brownies were called "Rosebuds." there was no official uniform but the girls usually wore a dark blue knitted jersey, dark blue skirt and a small hat called a tam. They also wore a promise badge, which was designed by Agnes Baden-Powell. The uniform has changed over the years and the official colour of the uniform has gradually changed from navy to brown.

The Tunic

The brown tunic was originally introduced in 1917 and stayed much the same until 1967. The brown tunic had long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and a collar. The tunic was knee length and had two large pockets, one on either side of the chest. Above the right hand pocket an embroidered badge was sewn that showed which group, called "sixes," you were in. The Brownie sixes are called names like; pixies, gnomes, imps and elves. Over the left hand pocket, the embroidered Brownie promise badge was worn. On the right arm of the tunic is where the badges that the brownie had earned would be sewn on. In 1967, the brown tunic was changed to a brown cotton dress. The dress had pockets in the skirt rather than over the breast. The dress looked much the same as the tunic in style, with long cuffed sleeves, a collar and knee length.

The Necktie

A yellow or gold necktie was worn with the uniform that was tied like a regular tie with the end folded and pinned with the pack's badge. The yellow necktie of this kind was replaced in 1967 with another yellow necktie. This was a yellow cross over tie, it was much shorter, and the two tie ends reached the shoulder blades. The tie pin from the pack was worn in the centre at the collar.

The Hat & Belt

A brown belt was worn with the tunic and the brown cotton dress throughout the 1960s. The hat throughout the 1960s was a brown wool beret that had been introduced in 1950. The beret remained until 1973, when it was changed to a brown wool hat with a pom.

Socks & Cardigan

Knee high brown wool socks were worn throughout most of the 1960s. Stockings that had been removed from the uniform list in 1950, reappeared on the uniform list in 1965. In 1964, Brownies were officially allowed to wear a brown cardigan.

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