Gifts for a Four-Year Old Girl

Written by ryan pickett | 13/05/2017
Gifts for a Four-Year Old Girl
The right gift can help the girl developmentally. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Four-year-old girls are learning to use their imagination and they are developing reading skills. The right gift should support the hobbies and interests of the girl. Some girls like princesses and pink. Other girls enjoy the outdoors and sports. Purchase a gift that encourages the girl to follow her passions.


Books promote education while they also encourage a 4-year-old's imagination. The book "Ring! Yo?" by author Chris Raschka encourages the child to use her imagination by asking her to fill in one side of a conversation. Purchase creative books as well as books about math. Four-year-olds are gaining math skills so purchase a book about numbers or shapes. A recommended book about math is "How many? How much?" by author Rosemary Wells.


Four-year-old girls typically love playing with developmentally-appropriate toys. Watch the girl play to discover which toys she might like. For instance, a girl who loves dressing up as a princess might love a princess doll or a pretty dress. Girls who are very active might enjoy a trampoline and a soccer ball as well as an outdoor climbing gym. Another idea is to purchase housekeeping toys, such as a play kitchen with plastic food and cookware.

Support For Hobbies

Your gift can support the hobbies of the girl by giving her the materials to pursue her interests. For instance, a girl who loves being creative should enjoy an easel and paints as well as some canvas. Another idea for a creative girl is to purchase a jewellery making kit with large beads. Musical instruments, such as a guitar or a keyboard, are developmentally appropriate. Include a microphone so the girl can imagine that she is a star.


Clothes are a practical gift because children typically grow fast and dirty their outfits often. Some items that are necessities include stretch trousers, T-shirts, pyjamas and socks. Alternatively, purchase one or two designer outfits from a boutique for children. The outfits can be for a special day, such as Christmas or Valentine's Day. Nice blouses and dresses are appropriate for spring. Quality snow gear, such as thick coats and snowsuits, keep the girl warm during winter.

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