Instructions for an Ariston A1600WD

Updated June 06, 2018

Learning to use the Ariston A1600WD can be difficult if you've lost the instructions that came with the product. The Ariston A1600WD washer and dryer spins at a rate of up to 1,600 revolutions per minute and has 11 different program settings suitable for different materials such as cottons, synthetics and delicate fabrics. Finding out how to use the machine and the different program options available for each different type of fabric can help you get your clothes smelling and feeling the way you like.

General Operation

Press and hold the "On/Off" button for two seconds. The LED lights will all switch on momentarily and the "On-Off/Door Lock" LED will flash. Find the "On/Off" button to the top left of the "Program" knob located on the far right hand side of the unit. Load all of the clothes you wish to wash into the machine and close the door. Select your desired program using the "Program" knob and then choose the temperature by using the "Temperature" knob, which is the furthest left of the three dials. Reduce the spin speed if required by pressing the "Reduced Spin" button, located to the left of the "On/Off" button. Load your detergent and fabric softener into the drawer on the left-hand side of the unit. Press and hold the "Start/Reset" button for two seconds to set the program running. The "On-Off/Door Lock" LED will flash when the program is complete.

Programs 1 to 5

Use one of the first five programs if you are washing cottons. The first two options (programs "1" and "2") can be used if you are washing very dirty whites. Both of these should be set to 90 degrees C in temperature. Program "1" includes a pre-wash, whereas program "2" doesn't. Program "1" lasts 155 minutes and program "2" lasts 137. Use program "3" set at 60 degrees C to wash "fast" colours (those resistant to running) or dirty white clothes and use program "4" at 4.44 degrees Cor non-fast colours or dirty white clothes. Program "5" should be used to wash cotton clothes.

Programs 6 to 9

Use a program from "6" to "9" to wash synthetic material clothes, such as nylon. Select program "6" if you are washing very soiled fast colours. The temperature should be set at 50 degrees C, and this wash will take 84 minutes. Use program "7" set at 40 degrees C if you are washing slightly dirty fast colours, and use program "8" at 30 degrees if they are non-fast colours. Program "9" is a drying setting for synthetic fabrics.

Programs 10 to 11

Use program "10" set at 40 degrees C if you are washing wool. This setting takes 38 minutes to complete. Use program "11" if you are washing any other delicate fabrics, such as silk, curtains or viscose. Set the temperature at 30 degrees C for this setting. Program "11" takes 54 minutes to complete.

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