Sunday school lessons on sharing & helping others

Written by dawn colclasure
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Sunday school lessons on sharing & helping others
Activities focused on sharing help students understand why it's important. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Many Bible stories show Jesus helping others, as well as sharing. Sharing and helping others are good qualities to promote at Sunday school because they teach us to be like Jesus in working together and sharing what we have so that no one will go without. Sunday school activities are a useful method of teaching students how to share and help others because the students will see firsthand how doing these things benefits everyone.

Match the Cross

Draw out a cross on several sheets of brown construction paper. Cut each cross out. From a sheet of star stickers, place stars on the crosses two at a time, making two of each have the same number of stars. Create as many sets of crosses as you can. Divide the students into groups, depending on the number of cross sets created. Provide each group with its own set of star crosses. Instruct the groups to help each other match the crosses from each set.

Rainbow Fish

Draw a large fish on a white poster board, and cut it out. Draw an eye, mouth and fin details on the fish. Cut out circles from various sheets of coloured construction paper, and place an equal amount of the circles into enough small plastic bowls for all of the students. Give a bowl of coloured circles to each student. Each student must take turns sharing one of her coloured circles to glue to the body of the fish. Glue each chosen circle onto the fish. After all the students share their coloured circles, they'll see how sharing helped them make a rainbow fish to enjoy.

Find the Bell

Ask for a volunteer, and ask this student to choose a "helper" among the remaining students. Blindfold this student, and have his helper stand nearby. Give one student a bell and instruct her to stand at the other end of the room. Instruct the remaining students to form a path between the bell-ringer and the blindfolded student, and hold out one arm along the path. Instruct the bell ringer to ring the bell, and tell the blindfolded student, "Find the bell." The student's helper must help him avoid walking into a student's arm by moving each arm down as they walk along the path to the bell.

Coin Game

This activity will require the purchase of play coins. Have everyone leave the classroom, and stand outside of the door. Assign one student to be a "gatekeeper," and tell the student to stand next to the open doorway of the classroom. Divide the remaining students into groups of two. If there are not enough students to divide into groups of two, join the last student in this activity. Provide each group of students with coins: Three coins to one student and two coins to the student's partner in that group. Instruct each group to approach the door and ask, "May we enter?" The gatekeeper then says, "You must each have two coins to enter." The student with three coins will be encouraged to share one coin with his partner so that they can each have enough coins to enter through the gate. The rest of the group repeats this procedure until everyone is back inside of the classroom.

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