Tips on creating heroes in the battle for middle-earth ii

Written by anthony hare
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The hero creator in "The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II" is accessed from the main menu by clicking on "My Heroes." Created heroes can then be used in the "Skirmish" and the "War of the Ring" game modes. Select them from the hero drop-down menu on the game set-up screen before you start a game. You will be able to summon your hero from the fortress when the game starts.

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Good or Evil?

You can choose from six classes to create your hero. Before choosing one, you need to decide if you want to be good or evil, as your moral alignment is fixed to which class you choose, and cannot be changed. The "Heroes of the West," "Elves" and "Dwarves" are good, while the "Servants of Sauron" and "Corrupted Man" classes are evil. "Wizards" are the exception to the rule, and can be good or evil. Each class and moral alignment has different powers available, so learn about the ones you would like before choosing who to fight with.


Making a visually distinctive hero that will stand out from other units and heroes on the battlefield is useful for locating the unit on the screen quickly. You can customise the design of your hero's clothes, armour and weapons by clicking the left and right arrows next to the appropriately labelled options. Use the colour palette at the bottom of the screen to change the colour of your equipment. All of the options here, even the choice of weapon, are purely aesthetic and make no difference to how your hero performs.


Each hero has five attributes that affect how they perform: armour, power, health, heal rate and vision. These each have between 0 and 20 point slots, which can be filled with attribute points to increase their power. Your hero will have a default layout of points already assigned to attributes, with a further 30 left for you to distribute. Armour and health are good attributes to invest points in if your hero is likely to take lots of damage in combat. Vision is useful for archers, wizards and other heroes with ranged attacks, because it increases how far your character can see. Choose one or two attributes that suit your play style to specialise in.


Custom heroes can have up to five unique special abilities, which will give them an edge in combat. Choose a variety of skills that compliment your hero's play style. If your hero uses ranged attacks, give them ranged powers like "Arrow Volley." If your hero is a support unit, give him abilities like "Heal" or "Rallying Call." Each character can have an especially powerful ability unlocked when they reach level 10. These are devastating and very useful abilities so ensure that your character has one assigned to them. See the Resources section for a complete list of powers.

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