Team Games for Mixed Age Family Groups

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are gathering for your family's reunion or you are having a traditional family game night, you have plenty of options to choose from when searching for team games and activities. Games available for mixed age groups range from outdoor sports to indoor games and quiet activities, depending on your family's own preferences and supplies.

Classic Games

Playing classic games such as board games as well as card games is possible with all age groups within your family and friends. Traditional games, such as Rummy, Pictionary and even Monopoly are all games that any family member can join in on to play. When playing traditional card games, split the groups playing into teams for a more competitive edge while playing all together. Other classic games include draughts, chess and dominoes, which can also be played with teams by alternating turns.


If you have a group of four or more family members, play charades. Playing charades has no age restrictions and allows every member of the family to equally participate. Have each playing member of the game write various nouns or actions (such as a cat, a rock star or a running woman), crumbling each to hide the activity from all other players around. Place all of the written ideas into a bowl or a hat for players to mix and randomly grab while playing. Each team takes turns silently "acting" out a random idea from the bowl or hat, allowing only their teammates to try to guess the action within a specific amount of time (such as 30 or 60 seconds). Once a team reaches the specified point goal (set by you), the team wins.

Outdoor Sports and Activities

Play traditional team sport games with your family, mixing all of the ages together. Select two captains from the family to then choose their team players, alternating picks to decide on the teams. You can opt to play traditional backyard games such as baseball, kickball, or even touch football. Set up horseshoes or a volleyball net for playing along with badminton as well. Head to a swimming pool or a beach to have swim races or to play traditional water games such as Marco Polo or water volleyball.

Host a Creative Contest

Split your family into two groups to create a variety of contest activities between each team. You can choose to host a group talent show and split your family into even more groups, depending on the number of participants. Another option for a team game is to have a scavenger hunt that awards points for every item found within a designated area. Each team can work together to find the most items within the scavenger hunt to win.

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