Kids' Clothes of the '90s

Updated February 21, 2017

Television shows, celebrities and musicians were a huge influence on children's clothes of the '90s. Popular shows such as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Beverly Hills 90210," as well as grunge rockers such as Nirvana, swept through the world of fashion, changing the way that young people dressed. Fashion was often seen as an expression of the child's personality or preferences. From head to toe, the fashions of the '90s were innovative to the decade.


In the '90s, it was common to see youth dressed as if they had just woken up rather than took the time to put the ensemble together before leaving the house. In other words, the dishevelled look was in from head to toe. Hair for both girls and boys tended to be long, loose and at times downright greasy. Jeans, rock T-shirts and flannel shirts were the prime staples of children's closets that were rocking this look.

Beverly Hills Look

On the other side of the spectrum were the children dressing like their favourite teen stars. The preppy look popularised by the hit show "Beverly Hills 90210" was more tailored and refined than the grunge look. It brought baby doll dresses and slip-style dresses into high fashion. Hair for both girls and boys sporting this look was neat and clean.


Blue jeans and denim were all the rage. Between trousers for both guys and girls and miniskirts made in denim for girls, it was a daily fashion piece for children in the '90s to wear denim. The style of denim tended to be baggy and loose rather than tight or fitted. In addition to regular jeans, overalls in the denim material were also popular. It was common to see one strap on the overalls hooked with the other side hanging loose. In addition to the common blue jeans, coloured jeans also became popular. You could see boys and girls wearing white, black and red jeans in addition to blue ones.


Chunk shoes were popular in the '90s. Chunkiness spread from the heel to the toe of the shoe. Girls' high-heeled shoes had a square and chunk heel rather than a thin heel. Platform shoes also made a comeback in the '90s. From tennis shoes to Mary Janes and Doc Martens, shoes of the '90s were on the "big" side. Combat-style boots were also commonly worn by both boys and girls growing up in the '90s.

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