Cheap Ways to Do up a Bathroom for a Makeover

Updated February 21, 2017

When it comes time to make some changes to your home, you may decide to perform some bathroom remodelling. The average bathroom remodelling job can cost just under £6,500, according to the ServiceMagic website. But there are cheap ways to remodel a bathroom for a makeover that will save you money but get you some surprising results.

Curtains and Covers

Shower accessory kits are available at your local department store or home improvement store that can make your bathroom look completely different. Changing out the shower curtains, the window curtains, shower rug, toilet seat cover and back of the toilet cover with a unified kit can be an inexpensive bathroom makeover. If you have never had toilet covers before, try them out to see how the room looks when everything is coordinated. Add some decorative towels that fit the colour scheme of your accessory kit as well.

Tile and Paint

Replacing your floor tile and wall paint with a brighter colour can make better use of the ambient light in your bathroom and make it seem larger, according to the Reno Kings website. You can get inexpensive bathroom floor tile, or you can save even more money and use a linoleum floor product that looks like floor tile. You can make your ceiling the same colour as the floor or the walls, depending on your personal preference.


Replacing the bathtub can cost a lot of money in a bathroom remodelling project, but some of the other fixtures can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of the tub and shower, according to the Bankrate website. A newer toilet, bathroom sink and vanity can give the room a new look. Try a decorative sink, such as a pedestal sink with decorative handles, for a designer look. Replace all of the wall fixtures, such as the mirror, medicine cabinet, soap dish and towel rack, to match your new sink faucet.

Change the Look

If you have had a shower curtain for several years, change up the look of your bathroom with a sliding glass shower door. Add some storage space to your bathroom by installing wall cabinets. The tops of the wall cabinets can be display areas for silk flowers or other decorations to make the room look different. Install small shelves in open wall areas to add decoration and create more space for putting daily essentials such as razors and toothbrushes.

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