One-year anniversary gift for a boyfriend

Updated March 23, 2017

A one-year anniversary of a dating relationship signifies that it is long-term and therefore serious. Your gift for your boyfriend should tell him that you appreciate him, have enjoyed your year together and are looking forward to the future with him. It doesn't have to be expensive, and you should not financially strain to afford it. Thinking about your boyfriend's personality and the nature of your relationship will help you pick the perfect present.

Social Sam

If your boyfriend loves being around people and prefers to go out over staying in, and you frequently spend time with friends together as a couple, throw him a surprise party to celebrate your anniversary. Invite the mutual friends whom you spend time with the most; they will enjoy helping you mark the occasion, especially if they have known you for the duration of your relationship. You may host the party at your place, a friend's house or at a local restaurant or bar. Keep the cuisine light and inexpensive: pizza, burgers or tacos and beer make great combinations. The casual nature of the get-together provides an appropriate atmosphere for a one-year anniversary. Buy your boyfriend a new board game, such as Twister, Life or Monopoly, or a video game, such as Mario Kart or Wii Fit, that everyone can play during the party.

Quiet Quentin

Introverted boyfriends will appreciate it if you celebrate your anniversary in a low-key environment. Stay home and make dinner for him or surprise him with a picnic in a quiet section of a neighbourhood park. If you want to give him something he can keep, choose a book by his favourite author or simply write him a letter describing what your relationship means to you. He'll enjoy reading your thoughts as you look back at the last 12 months with him. For the very romantic, make a book with 365 pages to represent your year together and list one reason why you love him on each page. Include photos of the activities you've done together over the past year to make it a scrapbook.

Artistic Arthur

Boyfriends who love art, music or theatre would love tickets to a local art show, concert, museum exhibit, movie or play. Go to the event together and dress up to signify that this outing marks a special occasion. Remember to bring extra cash to buy him a souvenir, such as a concert T-shirt or a print of his favourite painting in the gallery. He'll be especially impressed if the event you select features his favourite band, actor or artist. You can also gift him an iTunes gift card or a book featuring his favourite artist's work.

Athletic Alexander

Guys who love sports love to watch sports. Take advantage of this simple truth by purchasing tickets to his favourite team's next game. If that's not possible, take him out to a sports bar and watch the game on television while he enjoys his favourite beer and you enjoy cocktails. Dress casually and prepare to cheer when the team does well to show that you support his love of the game. If your boyfriend plays sports, he will also appreciate new equipment or gym clothes. A gift card to his gym for personal-training services or an after-workout massage will also be hits. If your budget is limited, simply go for a run with your boyfriend on your favourite trail or repeat a workout that you did together when you first began dating.

Foodie Frank

Most guys love food, but some are especially keen on the culinary arts. Your foodie boyfriend would love a set of cooking tools for his kitchen or a cookbook by his favourite chef. You can sign yourselves up for a cooking class at a local community centre or culinary school. He would also love to go to dinner at a new restaurant in town or an old favourite that you have frequented over the past year. If you both love cooking, prepare a meal together at home and watch an episode of "Top Chef," "Hell's Kitchen" or "Ace of Cakes."

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