The best carpets for high-traffic stairs

Updated February 21, 2017

A beautiful set of stairs can be a sight for sore eyes. When kids and pets start moving up and down those stairs they can easily become an eyesore. When you decide to combat the problem you are going to need good-quality carpet to withstand daily wear and tear.

Carpet Quality

When buying carpet for your stairs you will have many styles and textures to choose from. Density, fibre and twist are three things you should ask about. A loop style costs more than cut styles but will last longer. Find a carpet fibre that includes nylon with a mix of olefin and polypropylene, which makes your carpet stronger than basic nylon. Look for twist to be 5.0 or higher, which is found in carpet like Berber and woven styles. These three things have a big impact on the price you will pay and how long your carpet will last.

Berber Carpet

Berber is a high-quality weave of carpet that is widely used in homes and businesses because of its look, durability and comfortable feel. Put your feet on Berber and you can feel that this is high grade carpet that is going to hold up. Get a Berber carpet pad to go with your Berber carpet, as it will complete the look and feel. This style of carpet may cost a bit more than others, but consider it a good investment that will protect your stairs for years to come.

SmartStrand Carpet

Mohawk's SmartStrand carpet will protect your stairs with little effect on the environment. SmartStrand is new style of carpet that Mohawk has developed through their partnership with Dupont. This product is made from 37 per cent renewable sources, and production emits 67 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to a factory producing nylon. The stain resistant added during production will never wash off and will always hold up against stains like cool aid and wine. SmartStrand carpet is durable and stain-resistant adding to the life and durability of your carpet.

Woven Carpet

Those who choose woven carpet to protect their stairs are making an educated decision. Woven carpet is made to be durable and stain-resistant while providing a creative pattern that is sewn directly into your carpet. It can be seen in many households, hospitals and luxury hotels all over the world because of its ability to hold up under heavy foot traffic. The smooth velvet texture and colourful designs add to the appeal of woven carpet.

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