Is cordura waterproof?

Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Cordura is a trade name that is used to describe several different types of fabric that are all produced by the same company. The fabrics all have certain characteristics in common which are what define Cordura fabrics as a unique brand.

One big question that plagues many consumers, however, is whether Cordura fabrics are waterproof or not.


To begin with, it bears mentioning that Cordura fabrics as they're discussed in this article are a brand of fabrics that are made by INVISTA, which is a division of Koch Industries, Inc. There was, formerly, a line of Nylon fabrics that were manufactured by DuPont under the trade name CORDURA. These are totally different products, though, and the fabric that was previously manufactured by DuPont under that registered name has since been renamed.


There are many different types of Cordura fabric manufactured by INVISTA. In fact, the Cordura website states that, "The CORDURA® fabric product line consists of many varieties (flat/textured, light weight/heavy weight, nylon/polyester based), but all resulting fabrics are CORDURA® brand certified." In other words, though they are different types of fabrics, all those that bear the Cordura trademark are similar in performance capabilities, and in water-resistance.


But is Cordura waterproof? While the manufacturer doesn't specifically claim that their product is, most Cordura fabrics are either extremely water resistant or waterproof. This is due to the fact that Cordura fabrics are largely made up of Nylon66, an extremely durable and waterproof material, or of other types of Nylon that are water resistant.


There are many benefits associated with the use of Cordura fabrics in various consumer products. In boots, luggage, sporting equipment, and outerwear the waterproof (or water resistant) nature of Cordura fabric can be very useful. The fabric is also extremely tough and resistant to abrasion. The Cordura website states that main benefit of Cordura brand fabrics is the fact that they are, "more durable than comparable unbranded fabrics. No matter the application, CORDURA® fabric offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it a first choice for durable fabrics. CORDURA® fabric offers best-in-class durability over comparable unbranded fabrics."


It should be noted that INVISTA in no way guarantees that its Cordura fabrics are waterproof. Despite the fact that most of its fabrics are waterproof some products that bear the "Cordura" trade name may not necessarily be totally waterproof, especially if they include other types of fabrics or other materials. To determine if any particular product that is made of Cordura fabric is waterproof the manufacturer of that product should be consulted.