Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom From Bride

Updated July 19, 2017

The wedding gift from the bride to the groom is a special token of appreciation for the years of happiness to come. Gifts can be homemade, personalised and reflect the personality of the groom. Before purchasing a gift for the groom, know what he likes and what he wants in order to pick the ideal gift.


Jewellery and wallets are traditional gifts from the bride to the groom. If your husband-to-be wears jewellery, then he might like a necklace or bracelet. A keepsake box for jewellery and other small items could be an additional gift with the jewellery or by itself. If the groom doesn't wear jewellery, opt for a new watch or pocket watch. Other traditional ideas include cuff links, a leather wallet, bifold or money clip.


Create a gift basket filled with all of the groom's favourite things. Fill it was something simple like all of his favourite snack foods, or make it a golf-themed basket filled with personalised golf balls and tees. If the groom has an office, give him an engraved frame where he can place a photo from the wedding. Another gift idea would be to make a calender with photos of the two of you.


A digital camera for him to use on the honeymoon is one gift idea. A camcorder with a portable DVD player would also come in handy on the honeymoon. If the groom likes video games, you can consider a gaming system or several games. Other gadgets include an iPod or MP3 player for the flight to the honeymoon destination or a flat screen TV for the newlywed home. GPS systems for the vacation and regular use is a gift idea for the groom as well.

Homemade Gifts

If you are a knitter, then knitting an afghan or sweater is a thoughtful gift idea. Sewing a fluffy bathrobe will come in handy for the honeymoon and at home. You could also create a collage or scrapbook of memories of the bride and groom throughout your relationship. You could also paint or draw a meaningful piece of artwork for your husband-to-be.

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