Ideas for your girlfriend's 21st birthday

Turning 21 is a milestone for most people; not only does it mean you are now legally able to drink, but you are an adult in the eyes of many people. Get your girlfriend something special to commemorate this special birthday. Just because she's turning 21 doesn't mean you have to buy her a case of beer, although that might be a great starter gift. Think about what your girlfriend would really enjoy.


Turning 21 means that your girlfriend can now legally drink. If you don't go out to a club to celebrate, consider getting her a gift of alcohol. Fill a large metal tube with cans of beer. You can have different brands or stick with your favourite brand. Not only does it look like it's ready for a party, but she can use it for parties later on; simply put ice in the metal tub. If you think your girlfriend wouldn't really go for beer, purchase a few bottles of nice wine. You can celebrate her birthday with one and she'll have a couple for later.


Purchase a nice piece of jewellery for your girlfriend. Necklaces and bracelets are very nice; consider a charm bracelet filled with charms that reflect your memories and time together. Earrings don't have to be expensive to be nice. Be sure to look at earrings that she already owns to know if she likes large or small earrings. If you have been dating your girlfriend for a long time, consider an engagement ring for her birthday. Getting engaged would make this birthday one to remember. If you don't think you are quite ready for marriage, remember that you can have a long engagement.


Get your girlfriend a new piece of technology. If she enjoys reading books and magazine, consider getting her an eReader. She can read old classics, new releases or her favourite magazines, all on one thin tablet. If she likes to run or exercise, purchase a small MP3 player to take on her runs or to the gym.

Your girlfriend might already have all the pieces of technology or electronics that she wants. If this is the case, get her an upgrade or accessory to her items. A Bluetooth headset for her phone, an arm sleeve for her MP3 player or a decorative skin for her phone or eReader would be much appreciated.


Spend a little time romancing your girlfriend. Plan the whole day around her. Bring over breakfast in bed; eggs, French toast and orange juice are the perfect way to start the day. Spend the day doing something fun together. In the evening, take her out to a fancy romantic restaurant. Go to a lake or park after dinner and relax while you watch the stars come out. Be sure to tell her how much you love her and how much you love being with her.

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