Ideas on What to Put in a Granddaughter's Birthday Card

Updated February 21, 2017

Birthday cards are not just for sharing warm wishes on your granddaughter's special day, you can also place a small gift inside. Think about items which are flat so they will not get bent or crushed. If you are mailing the card to your granddaughter, check the postage before sending as inserting an item will add weight. If the item is valuable, consider buying insurance before mailing.

Cash or Checks

One gift idea is giving cash or a check. Inside of the birthday card, write a suggestion for how to use the money. For example, if she is going to summer camp, write that you hope the money will help her with the cost of camp. If she was saving for a new computer, mention that you thought the money would help with the purchase. Or, simply tell her to go spend the money on something she enjoys.

Gift Cards

Gift cards fit nicely into a birthday card envelope and they are easy to mail. If you are not sure where a your granddaughter shops, ask her parents. Ideas include clothing stores, restaurants, movie theatres, bowling alleys, or online merchants such as a music, movie or book stores where she can download content for her mp3 player, tablet device or computer.


Select some photos of you and your granddaughter and have them printed. Ideas include photos from recent holidays, family outings, or scholastic events you attended, such as plays, concerts and sports. When you order or print the photos, place the date on the back so she will remember when the outing or event occurred. As a complementary gift, you can also purchase a picture frame to display the photo.


If your granddaughter wears jewellery, place a piece of flat jewellery inside the card. Think about whether she wears yellow gold or white gold jewellery and purchase a bracelet, anklet, or necklace. If you are not sure what type of jewellery she prefers, ask for help from your son or daughter. Also, instead of buying jewellery, you can pass down jewellery that has been in the family for a number of years.


If your granddaughter is a fan of sporting events, live theatre or music, purchase tickets to a show playing in her area. Purchase at least two tickets so that she can take a parent of friend to the show or sporting event. If tickets to professional events are expensive, consider minor league, collegiate or community events instead. To select the event, pay attention to her particular hobbies. For example, if she just participated in the school musical, she might enjoy an evening of musical theatre.

Travel Plans

Another idea is to purchase a trip for your granddaughter, and include travel details such as her airline ticket, hotel reservation and itinerary inside. If you live far apart, then the travel arrangements can be made to visit you. Otherwise, think about big city destinations she might want to visit such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris or Rome. You make travel arrangements to those destinations for she and a friend, so she can share the experience with someone. Coordinate any travel with her parents so they are not surprised by the gift and can also make sure her schedule is clear.

Personal Poem or Message

Aside from the gift you purchase, consider placing a poem or message inside the card that is straight from your heart. Find poems that detail how you feel about your granddaughter. Or, you can create your own personal messages that describe what you appreciate and love about having her in your life.

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